The Passage of the Seasons

Framed Limited Edition Series
108″ Fine Art Mural

Central California’s agricultural rich San Joaquin Valley hosts the San Luis Reservoir. There are only a few weeks a year when the hilltops are green with the freshness of the spring.

theIs a photograph a memory? Of course. Can a photograph tell a story? Certainly it can do so. How about a tool for promotion? Ah, yes. Can it do all of these at once? Let us show you how!

Can a photograph tell a story? Certainly it can do so. When the story is told in such a way that a viewer’s response can feel an emotional message… it becomes fine art.

The Passage of Seasons, Limited Edition of 15 Gallery Prints, Framed: $16,975

Tour Eiffel sur la Seine (circa 1967)

Framed Limited Edition Series
60″ Fine Art Mural

At a time with Paris was still clothed with the simplicity of innocent structures, this image was originally captured with black and white film. The original negative remained vaulted for forty years.

When retrieved the negative was scanned and digitized at a very high resolution, then hand 

tinted with its impressionistic flair as a tribute to one of the most exciting times in the history of art in Paris.

Each custom edition gallery print is meticulously preserved in a rich gold mildly elaborate frame.

Tour Eiffel sur la Seine, Limited Edition of 25 Gallery Prints, Framed: $8,670