An artist and a princess become bound by destiny in life-changing events.

Merzan, an adventure minded teenager, who longed to be a fine artist like the great masters he studied, stumbles into a life driven by photography as a substitute for his inability and desire to draw.

While studying art history at a Paris high school circumstance pushes Merzan into a path that will become the most important project of his life. Then, destiny sends him the most important person of his life, the Princess of Mo’orea, one of Tahiti’s outer islands.

The two become entangled in a passionate, creative journey when the Princess of Mo’orea, Matahina [goddess eyes] is sent to Paris as part of a cultural exchange to help correct the troubled tourism situation in French Polynesia.

Their relationship becomes life-changing and ultimately drives the economic future of the Tahitian Islands.

Although, culturally, they were worlds apart, the power of love begins to work its magic. These two adolescents embark on an amazing heart-warming journey until they get separated.

Princess Matahina is called back to her Island by her parents, the King and Queen of Mo’orea. Merzan’s and Matahina’s two worlds, homes and families create insurmountable distance between the artiste de la photographie and the Princess.

Years pass then love works its magic bringing them together again where harmony and abundance provides for them in the most beautiful place on earth.

Everything is perfect until the Gods of the Island rewrite the destiny of the stars.

This film is packed with fun, fantastic dreams that transform creativity and imagination into reality built around a majestic story.

The visual and musical aspects of the movie are breath-taking, emotional and magical – taking you on a creative journey that is an extravaganza beyond your own imagination.

Their story becomes a rediscovery of life from opposite ends of the world through a most unexpected series of events that challenge the human spirit.