The Merzan Trilogy

Written by Marc Blake


Merzan ĽGranaré, a gifted creative Parisian student, turns down a full art scholarship to the Sorbonne University despite his artistic calling when destiny draws him to French Polynesia – the other side of his world searching for the princess he dreamed of as a youth…but paradise had something else planned!

Merzan, a story about life, love and purpose at its deepest level is infused with powerful visual imagery that takes you on an emotional journey through the eyes of a most artistic teenager. Though he is hopelessly unskilled at drawing, Merzan accidentally becomes the world renowned great master, Artiste de la Photographie.

Geneviève of Arc

Geneviève L’Granaré, Merzan’s younger sister raised on a farm in Northern France, crowned as a Princess of the peaceful island of Mo’ore’a as a child, becomes a college student at the Sorbonne who gets forced into leading a country-changing political battle with the French Government that she tries to avoid.

Throne of Destiny Throne of Palms

Geneviève L’Granaré, crowned the Princess Mohea becomes pregnant without ever being with a man and destiny is set into motion as she is carrying a child, the Daughter of the Orchid, sent to Earth by the Gods of the Island to fulfill her path to save mankind.

Princess Matahina (prequel)

Raised in the basement of the world’s most famous museum, Elise Rousseau became know worldwide as “The Daughter of the Louvre.” Even as a child, her knowledgeable of art was greater than anyone else on earth. Her life took a dramatic turn when the Prince of Mo’ore’a found her on a balcony overlooking the lights of Paris.


Script V of the Merzan Trilogy is currently being written. In this story a message of peace and balance begins its propagation worldwide. In the entire history of humankind, never has the world known peace. The Royal Family of Mo’ore’a is on a path written into their destiny by the Gods of the Island to (finally) bring peace on earth.